Custom Blog Design

The Design Process

Step 1: Choose your package

Below you will see many different options in terms of packages. Read underneath each package title to see what it is included. Not sure what style you want? Go to our portfolio and filter by either ‘modern’ or ‘traditional’ to see examples of websites we have done with that style. Once you have made your decision you can click ‘Purchase’ underneath the package of your choice. This will take you to an order form.

Step 2: Order Form

Though the order form is extremely useful for us to prepare and plan your design, what you write in it is not set in stone. If you are unsure about a question or have not made a decision related to the question, just write down at the end of the order form whatever you are unsure of and we will help you make decisions once we start your design!

When you submit your order form, you will be added to the list of other projects. Once your name is at the top of the list, we will send you an email that we are ready to start your blog.

Step 3: Deposit Payment and Designing

Once we have sent the email that we are ready to begin, you will receive a Paypal invoice from us for half the total amount. This is the deposit. Because of the type of work we do, the deposit is necessary before we begin work. Once the deposit is paid, we will begin creating the first design.

We will communicate back and forth through email as revisions are made to get the perfect design for you. Once you agree the design is complete, we move on to the next step.

Step 4: Final Payment and Installation

When you have approved the final design, we send the final invoice (remaining balance) and ask you to invite us to your blog. This can be done by going to Blogger > settings > add author > add

Once the payment is complete, we will ask you to switch us from author to admin on your blog so we can install.

Revisions Afterwards

If you need any revisions or additions later on, after the design is complete, you just need to email us at or fill out a contact form on our website. We offer lifetime customer support when you purchase a package, but revisions are on a client-to-client basis in terms of fee amount. In most cases, we do not charge for revisions that take less than an hour.

Custom Blog Design Packages

We offer a variety of different packages to see what meets your needs. Below, you’ll notice our different packages. If a line is not highlighted, it is not included in the package.


Any additional extras cost $5
  • Custom header
  • Custom background
  • Navigation bar
  • Social media sites
  • Blog button
  • 3 additional extras
  • 3 more additional extras
  • Installation


Any additional extras cost $5
  • Custom header
  • Custom background
  • Navigation bar
  • Social media sites
  • Blog button
  • 3 additional extras
  • 3 more additional extras
  • Installation


Any additional extras cost $5
  • Your choice of template (under $20)
  • Custom header
  • Logo
  • Signature
  • Sidebar dividers
  • Favicon
  • Navigation bar
  • Social media sites
  • Scroll to top
  • Installation

To see available extras/add-ons, please scroll down below.

Upscale with Georgia Lou Template

Only if you have a previous design with us

Additional Extras Available

These will be specified when you order.

Sidebar Titles
Post Divider
Post Title Image
Picture Frame
Scroll to Top
Pinterest Hover Button
Facebook Tab (must have a Facebook page username)


-TPT Banner (Profile Picture & TPT Banner) $10
-Facebook Cover $10
-Business Card Design $25
-Hover Social Media Icons $5
-TPT Scrolling Banner $25

Without the purchase of a blog design, here are available add-ons.

-Header $35
-Background $20
-Facebook Cover $25
-Business Card Design $45
-Installation $25

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install?

Once the design is completed, we will ask to become admins. To add us as admins to your site, just go to Blogger > Settings > Add Author > Add
This will send us an invite to become authors, and once we are authors we will just need you to change it from author to admin.

Do you do refunds?

Refunds are only if we have not started the design process. If you feel that we have not held up our end of the deal, we will gladly work with you to either fix or rectify the problem.

What are your terms?

Our terms are quite simple.
– You may not alter any of the design created by us such as backgrounds, headers, navigation bars and other HTML/CSS unless granted permission.
– You may not share this template with anyone for any reason.
– You may not remove the link/credit at bottom of blog unless the entire design is removed.
– After installation, we are not responsible for any changes you make to the blog. But if you ask for help, we will gladly help.
– If you have any questions, please email us at

How long is the design process?

This depends on how quickly you respond to emails, how time-consuming the requests are, and if it’s around holidays. We try to respond as quickly as possible, and blog designs usually take between 1 – 3 weeks.